Lovelyz’s Sujeong and Kei cover IU’s “Friday”

Lovelyz members Sujeong and Kei recently made an appearance on the December 3rd airing of Starry Radio where they covered IU‘s hit, “Friday.”

The two vocalists showed off their sweet, adorable vocals on the radio show. Dressed in cozy clothes, the girls swayed lightly to the track while singing it to radio fans.

Sujeong and Kei impress listeners with their soulful ad lib harmony while maintaining the cute softness of their vocals. Singing in a high octave, the members retain the warmth in their voices through their falsettos. With steady and natural vibratos, the ending notes of the track end gracefully as it is soon revealed that the girls earned a score of 89 for their delicate rendition.

The Woollim Entertainment group debuted earlier this season with “Candy Jelly Love” and have been revealing short clips from Lovelyz Diary to showcase their trainee days.

Check out their cover here: