Lucky J’s Jessi goes off in rap on competitors in “Unpretty Rap Star” preview

With a few days remaining until the premiere of Mnet’s Unpretty Rap Star, the competitive show has released another minute-long preview as a teaser, revealing Lucky J’s Jessi going off on her competitors in the form of rap.

In what looked like a group discussion setting with San E and Block B’s Zico, Jessi (Jessica H.O) takes the lead in the competition by declaring war against her competitors as she drops a powerful, freestyle rap in a mix of English and Korean, as the rest of the female cast looks on, flabbergasted at the sudden words.

Jessi begins saying, “Let me take a brief moment to talk about myself. I’ve been in music for 10 years, coming from the bottom and only once have I felt insulted. I felt [mostly] bad yesterday, but who are you guys to judge me,” further assuring her competitors, “We are not a team, this is a competition. What [it] is, every man for themselves. Anyways, listen.”

And she begins her rap with , “Now in this game, I’m the motherfucking top dog. I’m the CEO. The rest of you kids are just folding screens. Now listen. Let me show you what a queen can do. I keep us classy, but I’d slap a bitch if I have to. There are some ugly impression of Fiji, take it easy. You think you’re bad, but you ain’t even seen bad yet. I come and go like a bad storm, take a rain check.”

“Everybody going down, mayday mayday. Bitches can’t be dressy when it’s pay day, a day.”

Unpretty Rap Star, the female spin off of Show Me the Money, will premiere on January 29th at 11PM KST.