Luhan drops MV for Chinese movie “Miss Granny” OST, “Our Tomorrow”

On December 1st, Luhan started the month with a boost by releasing an official music video for the theme song of Chinese movie Miss Granny.

Titled “Our Tomorrow,” the movie’s theme song was revealed through a press conference held on December 1st in Beijing. Main casts attended the press conference, and of course, Luhan, the main OST singer of “Our Tomorrow,” also attended the event as part of the film’s cast.

This is Luhan’s first attempt in having a solo track, and also his debut appearance on the big movie screens. Since he plays the role of a main vocal of a band in the movie, it is believed that he is also given much screen time for him to showcase his singing potential.

Luhan also sang his very own song “Our Tomorrow” at the press conference.

In the movie, Luhan plays alongside actress Yang Zishan, falling in love with her without knowing that she is actually his 70-year-old grandmother who magically turned 20 overnight. Luhan specially thanked the co-star at the press conference, “I am a newbie, so I’m uncertain about some things, so Grandma is the one teaching me most of the time.

In early November, Luhan made his first public appearance in Beijing ever since he filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, starting promotional activities for the Chinese movie Miss Granny. A movie trailer has been unveiled as well.

Wu Yifan (Kris), who is in a similar situation as Luhan, with hopes to nullify his contract with SM, has also pathed his acting career by being the male lead of Chinese movie Somewhere Only We Know. Wu Yifan has also released a music video for his self-composed track “Somewhere Only We Know”, also the theme song for the movie.

The movie Miss Granny is expected to premiere on the movie screens on January 8th, 2015.

In other news, Luhan will be entering a court-appointed mediation with SM Entertainment to discuss the contract dispute.

Check out the music video for “Our Tomorrow” sang by Luhan below!Source: sina