Lunafly drops “A Ti” MV from 1st Spanish album “Hermosos Recuerdos”

Duo group Lunafly releases their title track’s music video “A Ti” following the release of their 1st Spanish album release, Hermosos Recuerdos.

Released on March 13th, “A Ti (To You)” is a beautiful, ballad and original track sung by Lunafly for their Spanish fans, and features an amazing guitar rift at its peak. To capture the dampen mood of the lyrics, barely any colors are shown in the music video as the duo sing, but remains a dark and somber tone.

The lyrics sings of a man struggling to forget a former lover and wishes her happiness in the future.

LUNAFLY is made up of members Sam and Yun who originally made their debut in Korea in 2012 as a trio. The third member Teo recently left the group in 2015, now going under his real name Shin Tae Ho. The group, however, will be adding two additional members later this year in time for their Korean comeback.

The Spanish album was released on March 13th and is now available on iTunes.