Lunafly releases Spanish version of “Super Hero”

Lunafly releases their music video for the Spanish version of their popular song, “Super Hero.”

Debuting back in 2012, Lunafly consists of three members, Teo, Sam, and Yun. Working under the same company as Brown Eyed Girls, Lunafly debuted with their self-composed song, “How Nice Would  It Be,” which gained a large amount of popularity in a short amount of time. On September 6th, 2012, the group released their first album, titled “Super Hero.”

Prior to their debut, Lunafly also preformed on the streets often, drawing in a large audiences. When the boys are not busy recording for a new album or music video, they upload covers of popular English songs on their YouTube channel.

Lunafly released the song “Super Hero” in their first album as the English version of their debut song, “How Nice Would It Be.” They have taken the song to the next level, recording a Spanish version of the song titled, “Super Heroe.” The music video consists of a collection of photos from the members as well as their entire song translated into Spanish.

Check out their music video below!