M.I.B’s Kangnam playfully declares war on “Gag Concert”

Currently a fixed member on jTBC‘s Inside Story Salon, M.I.B’s Kangnam playfully declares war against rival program, Gag Concert. On the recent episode of Inside Story Salon, M.I.B’s Kangnam playfully airs his piece against KBS comedy program, Gag Concert. The playful declaration stemmed from recent confirmation that jTBC’s Inside Story Salon has been moved to the same time slot as Gag Concert, raising concern from its viewers.

Despite Gag Concert being the top comedy program in South Korea as it maintains its strong hold in viewership, Kangnam remained unnerved by the challenge.

On the recent episode of the show, Kangnam, who is considered a rising star in the field of variety, was quoted saying,“We are Gag Concert’s rivals now and we must beat them! Fighting!”

Meanwhile, he was also grilled by his fellow members on the show and was asked to choose between Inkigayo and Music Core, to which he replied, “How can I answer that, I have to keep going to both shows.” He was further teased by Jang Dong Min by saying, “Well make a decision by the end of the show and maybe you’ll stay on this show for a few more weeks” spurring laughter on set.

Source: Asia Today