M.Joon sings “I Love You 3” in latest single

Months after his debut, M.Joon released his self-composed and second single “I Love You 3” on May 8th.

The emotional ballad track expresses the feelings of how M.Joon feels about his parents being ill. With the lyrics, “Oh father, my mother, please don’t be sick, stay with me for a long long time,” it captured fans’ heart as his sincerity was conveyed in the ballad track. In addition,”I Love You 3″ is composed, produced, arranged, and written entirely by M.Joon.

M.Joon made his debut as a soloist on January 14th with the track “Empty Words.” His debut track gained much attention as it was a soothing track while his smooth vocals shined as the song had a groovy beat.

The vocalist was originally the leader of TOUCH and known as Han Jun however, his hard work as a soloist has been recognized as he would release covers and music videos on YouTube.