Maboos releases MV for “IRENE” ft. realOne of Galactika

After releasing his first solo album, Self-Hypnosis, on November 14th and the music video for “Audacious,” Maboos has now released the music video for his title track “IRENE.”The music video was released on November 16th and features realOne of Galactika. Rapper and lyricist Maboos had previously shared his track list which boasted six tracks. Maboos wrote and composed all his tracks along with help from featured artists like Swings and Galactika.

“IRENE” is a track about a man confessing his love to his girl by writing a song about her. It is a sweet R&B/rap track that would make any girl swoon if their boyfriend had written this for them. The man reflects on all his past wrongdoings where he made the girl upset and promises to do better in the future. The track also has a constant beat interlaced on top of a sweet piano melody that compliments the sweet singing and the powerful rapping.

The music video is unique since it is has one simple background and as the song plays and tells a story, cartoon characters are displayed on the screen.

Make sure to check out “IRENE” below: