Mad Clown releases “Piece of Mine” mini-album + “Fire” MV

On January 9th, Mad Clown released his third mini-album, Piece of Mine, as well as the music video for the title track “Fire.”

The title track “Fire” features Mad Clown’s high-toned rapping along with Jinsil’s dreamy voice. The song portrays the story of a man who is being used by a bad girl but cannot seem to leave her.

With destruction throughout the video, the music video features EXID’s Hani as the lead actress as she takes on the role of a seductive woman that pulls Mad Clown along in their love-hate relationship.

Mad Clown raised anticipation for the mini-album with the release of image teasers, music video teaser, as well as a tracklist that showed talented artists, such as Jooyoung, would be featured on his tracks.

All the songs listed on this third mini-album carry different messages and different tones, setting high anticipation for the third release from this genius rapper.

Source: Starship Entertainment