MADTOWN releases action packed MV teaser for “New World”

After releasing several concept photos for their second mini-album, J.Tune Camp male group MADTOWN released a short trailer for the music video for “New World” on March 9th. 

Although the video only runs for 36 seconds, it was filled with quite a bit of action.

Set in what appears to be an underground fighting establishment complete with neon lighting and gritty atmosphere, the video begins with one of the members of MADTOWN entering a match. The video then cuts to a series of short clips from an intense boxing match between two competitors.

After the brief cut of action packed scenes, the teaser shifts to a slow motion shot of the seven members of MADTOWN, as a preview of the new track is played for fans to enjoy. From the short bit of the song, the track already sounds as intense as the fight scenes in the video.

Make sure to check out the teaser video for MADTOWN’s “New World” below: