MADTOWN will take you into the “New World” of boxing in comeback MV

J.Tune Camp‘s rookie hip-hop idol group MADTOWN is back stronger than ever with their mini-album Welcome to MADTOWN and title track “New World.”

Leading with the song “New World,” MADTOWN brings a new hybrid track that mixes hip-hop and trap music into one. Created by Deanfluenza and 2xxx, whose work with Korean singers include EXO, f(x), John Park and Verbal Jint, MADTOWN will blow you away with their rap and vocal skills in this hip new song that delivers a passionate message to modern people who are living the boring and repetitive life to start playing around together.

The music video brings viewers to a makeshift practice boxing ring inside a dreary looking but well-lit brick building, scenes of the members in intense boxing matches revealed as the members perform and dance.

The mini-album and music video was officially released on March 12th, marking their comeback. MADTOWN has already held their first comeback stage on last night’s MBC Music Champion.