Malhada’s Hyobin and StimMarvel release cover video for WINNER’s “Empty”

Production company Malhada has released a vibrant, unique cover of WINNER‘s title track “Empty” featuring two of its own artists, Hyobin and StimMarvel, in this sweet video cover. 

The newest video to come out of new company Malhada is full of vibrant colors with a dark undertone, perfectly catching the feel of “Empty” accompanied by Hyobin and StimMarvel’s unique voices.

Hyobin’s sweet, breathy voice perfectly compliments StimMarvel’s bass voice and his smooth rapping. As the two walk through the colorful yet empty city, their voices blend together with the acoustic guitar to create a fresh sound in this new take of “Empty,” even finishing off with a little remixing in the background.

Check out their new video below!