MAMA releases MV for their debut song, “Second Chance”

On December 12th, MAMA released the official music video for their debut song, “Second Chance,” revealing that second chances do come true. 

The music video starts when the three ladies are rocking the stage as they are dressed in sequined black and gold outfits.  Throughout the music video, it shows the hard work and dedication that these ladies have. They are seen constantly practicing as they were preparing for a competition. The music video ended with a high when the members of MAMA were seen awarded for their skills.

“Second Chance” is an upbeat funky song that tells the story of the three member group having the opportunity to have a second chance. “Don’t get disappointed at one mistake, the real chance is the second chance,” they sang. Their group’s name is said to be inspired by the fact that the three members are also mothers in real life.

Although MAMA did have a collaboration album titled Recluse with Argy earlier this year, they officially debuted as a three member group with their single, “Second Chance” on December 12th.