MAMAMOO dances to AOA, Lovelyz, and Apink medley

On December 30th, MAMAMOO performed a dance medley of girl groups songs, including songs from AOA, Lovelyz, and Apink.

The video started off with a quick intro for the group’s YouTube series “MMMTV“, with their hit song “Mr. Ambiguous” playing in the background. After a quick cut, the girls were seen conversing in a dance room, and the discussion of cat sounds and effects, coupled with the girls’ black leather outfits made it clear that they would be performing AOA’s latest hit “Like a Cat.” As the group’s conversation went on, however, the girls also mentioned Apink and showed off a bit of the choreography from Apink’s “LUV,” hinting that it would also be one of the songs covered in the medley.

The performance started shortly thereafter, and as expected, MAMAMOO began the medley by dancing to the choreography of AOA’s “Like a Cat“, showing off the ferocity and sass that MAMAMOO is known for. After a short performance, the girls removed their black leather jackets to reveal school uniforms as they prepared to perform Lovelyz’s “Candy Jelly Love.” The group made a surprisingly quick and smooth transition from the sexy and fierce concept of “Like a Cat” to the cute and innocent look for “Candy Jelly Love” and definitely impressed viewers by performing the upbeat choreography in their tall black heels.

The medley ended with a performance of Apink’s mega-hit “LUV,” during which the girls of MAMAMOO made some small improvisations that included rather flamboyant moves. At the end of the song, the girls each struck a humorous heroic pose and ended the video by yelling “surprise” and making silly poses for their fans. Throughout their dance performances, the group showed incredible synchronization and dancing ability, as well as their sense of humor.

Make sure to check out MAMAMOO’s dance medley in the video below!


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