“MAPS” PD accidentally brings up Yuri’s boyfriend, Oh Seung Hwan

Girls’ Generation Yuri‘s known boyfriend Oh Seung Hwan (33) was brought up by the show’s PD on a recent airing of MAPS with Yuri coolly trying to laugh it off.

Aired on July 12th, Yuri, Choi Kang Hee, and Jo Jung Chi were traveling to Jeju Olle Road when the PD suggested, “Olle Road is pretty, but it’s so long. We should do ‘rock, paper, scissors’ five times so one person has to carry all the luggage cams.”

Yuri then said, “Five is too many, let’s do three.”

The PD then said, “Let’s give it to the person who gets five wins.” In Korean, “five wins” writes as “oh seung han (오승한/5승한)” which the pronunciation also happens to be especially close to the name of Yuri’s boyfriend, Oh Seung Hwan, a baseball player for the Hanshin Tiger.

Mishearing the word “five wins” for her boyfriend’s name, Yuri seemed confused and smiles nervously, making the PD repeat themselves and finally, when the PD understands Yuri’s confusion, clearly says, “No. Not the person,” causing Yuri to scream in laughter.

Watch the clip below:

Source: X Sports News