MATE releases MV teaser for “Day”

MATE came back earlier this month after a 3 year hiatus. They released their single “Baby” on October 3rd and now they have come out with a music video teaser for their track “Day.”On October 24th, MATE, teased fans with a music video teaser for “Baby” and they are now building up the hype with another teaser for their track “Day”.

This track has a different vibe from “Baby” as it is much more melancholic but displays the sultry vocals of MATE perfectly. In the video, a man is seen running with tears in his eyes as scenes of a woman crying as well are interjected in between. The dark tones and symbolism of burning matches seem to parallel the dying love story that MATE’s rock ballad tells.

“Day” is set to be released on November 5th followed by the release of “No” on December 4th. They will also be holding their “WE BACK” concert on November 29th and 30th.

Check out the teaser for “Day” below: