Matsui Jurina Continues To Gain Popularity In Korea Despite Rumors

“She didn’t become a star by chance. She’s definitely a pro.”

Amid rumors that she may be leaving Produce 48, Matsui Jurina’s popularity has continuously been increasing in Korea.

Rumors have it that Matsui Jurina may not be returning to Produce 48 due to health issues.


Within two days of its release, a clip of Matsui Jurina performing Red Velvet’s “Peek-A-Boo” has surpassed 400,000 views.


It is evident from the clip that Matsui Jurina was able to completely master not only the choreography, but even the Korean lyrics of the song including a rap part as well!


Moreover, her stage outfit as well as her overall look for the performance has made her visuals shine brighter than ever.


Korean netizens have fallen in love with Matsui Jurina all over again not only for her stunning appearance but for her skills as well.

  • “She didn’t become a star by chance. She’s definitely a pro.”
  • “She has the aurora of a celebrity, has pretty good pronunciation and it doesn’t seem like she just came here to mess around lol wow….uhnni…”
  • “This type of concept suits her well.”
  • “I love Jurina. Let’s debut! One more vote for the Jurina who has a great personality, leadership and confidence!”
  • “She totally pulled off this song.”
  • “She dances so well.”
  • “Everything is perfect: dance, song, expression, appearance and body all on spot…her stage makeup also looks amazing. Her expressions are also always the best.”


Previously uploaded clips have also helped Matsui Jurina gain popularity and admiration from Korean netizens who have been praising her for her professionalism.

  • “Jurina has been a star for 10 years but she shows herself doing the very best on Produce 48. It’s refreshing to see her work so hard on all video clips including her self introduction, eye contact, etc., even though she’s a big star. She dances and sings well and has a beautiful smile. I hope she debuts.”
  • “Wow, her expressions is truly something.”
  • “Her expression keeps changing according to the song…just wow…”
  • “Jurina is so cute. I’m going to continue to support her!! Let’s debut!!”
  • “She’s the best Japanese trainee~ I can see why she’s No.1 in AKB”
  • “She even acts while she’s dancing. Daebak.”


With so many people supporting the Japanese star’s debut in Korea, fans hope that the rumors are untrue and that she would be able to recover quickly!


Watch the full clip of Matsui Jurina’s “Peek-A-Boo” below.

Source: Naver TV and Naver TV