MBC releases mysterious teaser video for season four of “Showtime”

MBC adds to the suspense for the upcoming fourth season of their hit show Showtime with a teaser for new mystery guest.

The popular documentary MBC Showtime has been gaining a significant amount of fans over a period of two years. The first three seasons included idol groups EXO, BEAST, and Apink, who took part in many activities throughout the show in order for fans to learn more about the idols. Showtime allowed for fans to see a side of their favorite stars that they would have never seen on stage or even in person.

MBC released a teaser for their fourth season of the show with the mysterious question about who the next guests will be. The teaser clip shows multiple scenes from each of the seasons along with the month and year that they took place. Building a sense of nostalgia, MBC stirs up excitement for their upcoming season, which will began airing in January of 2015.

Details about the next guest will be released soon. Stay tuned for more updates.