MBC releases video teaser for upcoming historical-romance drama, “Hwajung”

MBC teases viewers with a new video teaser of the upcoming drama Hwajung, revealing an intense charismatic drama to come.

Formerly titled and named after the drama’s heroine Princess Jungmyung, the historical drama is now officially named Hwajung (or Splendid Politics) and is planned to air 50 episodes.

Taking place in the historical background of the Joseon Dynasty, the drama will tell the tale of Prince Gwanhae played by Cha Seung Won who, being son of a concubine, usurped the throne from the first heir. Chaos will follow resulting from political greeds and selfish human desires involving other political factions and characters, such as the late King Injo played by Kim Jae Won.

Lee Yeon Hee, on the other hand, took the role of Princess Jungmyung, who is the sister of the original heir and forced to live as a commoner with her mother after Prince Gwanhae took over.

In addition, Seo Kang Joon of actor idol group 5urprise will be acting alongside Lee Yeon Hee, whereas his member Gong Myung will make his drama debut in Hwajung as well.

Directed by Kim Sang Ho PD who has been recognized by his recent works, including Arang and the Magistrate and Can You Hear My Heart, the first script reading of Hwajung took place in February.

The drama is scheduled to be first aired on April 13th, succeeding Shine or Go Crazy on Mondays and Tuesdays on MBC.

Source: OSEN