MBC’s “My Little TV” airs its anticipated pilot episode ft. AOA, Hong Jin Young, Kim Gura and more

MBC‘s My Little TV officially aired its live airing of the show and pilot episode on February 22nd, featuring six popular Korean celebrities participating.

The six guests and celebrities competed for the most live stream counts as they individually hosted their own meokbangs, songs, and English lessons in their own individual styles and concepts.

Kim Gu Ra took on an old-pop concept, Hong Jin Young prepared for a beef meokbang, Baek Jong Won cooked delicious food on the spot, AOA‘s Choa prepared in everything, Kim Young Chul executed a fun English lesson, and Jung Joon Il aired a radio-like-session with his selection of songs.

My Little TV is a new entertainment show features six stars, including, Kim Gu Ra, Hong Jin Young, Baek Jong Won, AOA’s Choa, Kim Young Chul, and Jung Joon Il, to act as a PD and guest celebrities of the show. It is a one-man show of each of the stars executing the concepts and topic they have prepared for.

Source: Osen