MBC’s Show Champion teases new format and MC in new video

Who is the new MC for the next season of MBC’s Show Champion? In the latest video teaser released by the music show, idols such as BEAST, Apink, AOA, SISTAR, and VIXX were given the answer.

The name of the new Show Champion MC, written on a cue card, is enclosed in an enveloped before being placed in a red mailbox, which is then sent to idols who recently appeared on the last season of the show.

Reading the cue card, “The 2015 MBC Show Champion MC is…”, the cute reaction of the artists have risen anticipation for the new MC, which has been yet to be announced. Throughout the video, the name of the new MC is blanked out, keeping the viewers in the dark.

Past Show Champion MCs include Super Junior’s Kangin, Kim Shin Young, Super Junior’s Shindong, Kim Kyung Jin, Ham Eunjung, and f(x)’s Amber.