MBLAQ’s Mir reveals making of footage from photoshoot with “The Star”

On January 1st, The Star magazine released a behind-the-scenes video of MBLAQ‘s Mir on the set of the photoshoot for their January 2015 issue. 

As the behind-the-scenes footage was revealed, MBLAQ’s maknae was shown participating in a brief interview where he was wearing a black leather jacket over a causal grey sweater. Throughout the video, the MBLAQ member revealed his dark side as he posed in front of a dark grey background while clothed in dark clothing. Mir’s shoot ended as he gave a message to his fans while winking towards them as he throw a V-sign.

Meanwhile, after the information about MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Thunder’s departure from J.Tune Camp was released, Mir took action and wrote an apologetic message on MBLAQ’s official fan cafe where he expressed that he is sorry that fans had to hear the news from outside sources and much more.

Check out his special video here: