MC Mong gains attention for #1 nomination on SBS “Inkigayo”

Hip hop artist MC Mong is listed as one of the nominees for the number one trophy on SBS music show Inkigayo due this coming Sunday!

On November 14th, the performance lineup and winner nominees for November 16th’s episode of Inkigayo were announced through SBS Inkigayo‘s official homepage.

For this week’s number one spot, it will be a tough fight between MC Mong’s “Miss Me or Diss Me” and BEAST‘s “12:30”! Should BEAST take home the trophy again this week, it would be their triple crown for the show, as they had topped the music show charts for two consecutive weeks last Sunday. BEAST also topped the charts for 2 weeks on MBC Music Core and had a triple crown on KBS Music Bank. Despite being banned from performing on music shows, MC Mong took over the charts with all 13 tracks from his new album.

MC Mong made a comeback with his 6th studio album Miss Me or Diss Me, all-killing the online music sites upon release on November 3rd. MC Mong has received much criticism for his comeback and is currently involved in a military evasion controversy, but Baek Ji Young and HaHa have still expressed their support for their good friend’s comeback.

While SBS is the only broadcasting channel which lifted the ban for MC Mong to perform on music shows, SBS clarified through TV Daily that “since nominees are chosen through the total accumulation of received points, as it has always been, MC Mong was being nominated because of this.

Other performers for this upcoming episode include Epik High, Kyuhyun, Hi Suhyun, VIXX, Song Jieun, AOA, Boyfriend, Lovelyz, Hello Venus, Zhou Mi, MADTOWN, LABOUM, Boys Republic, B.I.G, Hot Shot, CROSS GENE, and T.L Crow.

The 791st episode of Inkigayo will take place on November 16th at 3:40pm KST, be sure to catch it!

Source: TV Daily and SBS Inkigayo