MC Mong releases first video teaser “0904”

MC Mong has released the first video teaser “0904” for his upcoming album release, MISS ME OR DISS ME, his first in five years and since his military evasion scandal four years ago.

Released on November 2nd, the video takes place in a snowy and frozen light tower and small building, a sole little girl standing at the front as she sweetly sings a somber tune, an astounding and beautiful piano piece playing in the background.

“I found a way to let you leave. I never really had it coming. I can’t be in the sight of you. I want you to stay away from my heart.”

As the video pans out, a single yellow garden flower is seen blooming from the shivering snow.

Following the teaser release, fans have voiced out their excitement for MC Mong’s album release, despite being banned from multiple channels following his military evasion scandal. MISS ME OR DISS ME will be released on November 3rd.