McKay drops full MV for “Angel 2 Me” ft. Jeff Bernat

On February 6th, McKay made his debut with the release of his collaboration track “Angel 2 Me” featuring Jeff Bernat.

The SBS K-POP STAR 2 talent has been dropping fans various teasers including an announcement video and second video teaser as well as a special live Instagram post. Now, fans can enjoy the smooth, relaxing vibe of the duet.

The music video shows scenes of the video teasers, focusing on the two artists in the grayscale setting. Again, the video opens with a casual cover of Jeff Bernat’s “Call You Mine,” catching listener attention from the get-go.

As the video transitioned to introduce fans to the gentle track produced by Shin Seung Hun, a groovy beat and subtle percussion filled in to surround their vocals. Jeff Bernat opened the track with lovely English lyrics before McKay took over with a tone that is just as soothing. To the delight of Korean fans, Jeff Bernat surprised the crowd with his Korean harmonies.

Take a listen at the track below: