Mckay and former YG Trainee Kim Eunbi release mashup of Maroon 5, San E, and more

Earlier this week, it was revealed that former YG Entertainment trainee Kim Eunbi had been training at Dorothy Company for the last few months.

In October, it was revealed that Kim Eunbi parted with YG Entertainment six months prior, citing personal health issues after joining the company in 2011 following Superstar K2 alongside WINNER‘s Seungyoon.

While the singer has not signed any contracts with the company yet, it seems that her time at Dorothy Company has been productive as she recently partnered up with its solo artist Mckay for a mashup of Maroon 5‘s “Sugar,” San E‘s “Me You” featuring 15&’s Yerin, “Just Feeling,” and Mckay’s first and second single, “Angel 2 Me” featuring Jeff Bernat and “Month of June.

With Mckay on the acoustic guitar, the sweet summer love songs becomes even more charming as a rearranged duet. This isn’t Mckay’s first mashup as he’s received a great deal of his attention for his remix of major artists including Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, EXID, EXO, BIGBANG, 2NE1, and more