M&D drops highlight medley for first mini-album

On April 15th, Super Junior’s Heechul and TRAX’s Jungmo released the highlight medley for their project duo M&D’s upcoming first mini-album.

Following their release of a touching “I Wish” music video, the duo gave fans a surprise with the release of a highlight medley video. Starting off with the upbeat track “Midnight & Dawn,” the video then transitioned to “Moon Crystal,” a slower rock ballad. Next, “Silhouette” and “Soul” showed off the group’s softer, more gentle sides. In a big jump, “Close Ur Mouth” is an electronic-heavy track with auto-tune effects. Closing off with the cheery “I Wish,” the video gives listeners a tease at the various genres to expect in the mini-album.

Throughout the video, various images of the two flash by whether together or solo, showcasing their natural poses in front of the camera.

Take a listen here: