Meet The Spanish-Korean YouTuber Making Waves Across The World

Artist and producer, recently turned actor, SanchoBeatz (Seong Jin Esteban Ahn) has dropped his latest track “Millonario” and is starting to make waves with his acting debut.

Ahn recently played as one of the leads in the film Seoul Searching, which premiered at the 2015 Sundance Festival.

In an interview with KoreAm, writer-director Benson Lee revealed he had been having a hard time searching for the perfect actor to portray character Sergio Kim, originally written as a Korean Brazilian. Finally, a friend of Benson’s introduced him toSeong Jin Esteban Ahn (aka SanchoBeatz), saying, “I saw him [on YouTube] and I was like, oh my God, that’s Sergio.”

Ahn is one of the only Spanish-Korean YouTubers and hails from the Canary Islands of Spain, but essentially grew up in Korea and went on to serve in the Korean Marines. He officially pursued music at the tender age of 16 where he proceeded to find “SanchoBeatz,” one of the largest online Latin urban beats and instrumentalists store.

As an artist and producer, Ahn adopted the name SanchoBeatz where he has gone on to create tracks with hints of his cultural upbringing, as well as hip-hop, and electro beats.

When asked, “Were there any themes in Seoul Searching that you personally connected with?” Ahn first commented, “Even though I’m Korean, in Korea, people treat me like a foreigner, and in Spain, they also treat me like a foreigner. I don’t have a proper identity.” 

He continues on to say, “Those kinds of themes really touched me a lot in the movie because as you can see in the movie, we are all Koreans. We come to Korea, and we are like foreigners. That part touched me a lot and also, the relationships with the parents and growing up outside Korea.”

The artist recently released his newest track “Millonario” as well, which can be downloaded for free from his Soundcloud.

“Millonario” is an easy going track with a trendy beat, the lyrics speaking of one’s wishes to be a millionaire so he can pay off all his debt and still help the people he loves, promising to still help those around him and donate a lot. But because he’s not a millionaire and has no money, he wonders why “The world hates me so much” and rationalizes that it is because “Perhaps it hates me because I will be [a] millionaire.”

Source: KoreAm