Megan Lee’s audition clip for “All Shook Up” musical revealed amidst lawsuit with Soulshop Entertainment

On November 5th, The King and I Company, the musical production company for All Shook Up musical in South Korea, revealed Megan Lee‘s audition clip for the musical.

Megan Lee had recently filed for a lawsuit against her agency Soulshop Entertainment, hoping to nullify her contract, citing problems with Kim Tae Woo‘s wife and mother-in-law as the main trigger of her decision. While Soulshop Entertainment has released an official statement stating their stand on this issue, the musical company for All Shook Up, which Megan was casted in, also decided to reveal her audition video to the public.

The video apparently shows an enthusiastic audition participant, where Megan shows her singing skills through the performance of the song “It’s Now or Never”, which is sung by Lorraine, the character of the musical that she is auditioning in. She also later shows her acting talent through a monologue. The audition clip was filmed on September 1st. Through the release of the video, The King and I Company hoped to prove that Megan was interested in auditioning for All Shook Up and was not forced by her label to do so. However, many netizens have commented that it was just a pure portrayal of professionalism and her innate talent as an artist.

The Korean-American singer is reported to have filed for the lawsuit on November 11th, and Soulshop Entertainment released a statement to the public to explain the situation and the conflict that they were facing with the artist.

Megan Lee had left Korea to participate in a final audition for an American drama, where her travelling dates conflicted with her All Shook Up musical schedules. Although she did fly back to make it for a musical rehearsal, Megan has since then withdrew from all musical rehearsals and performances, with the message relayed by her mother.

Megan was supposed to play the character Lorraine in the American-adapted musical, who was one of the main characters for the show. Since her withdrawal from All Shook Up took place seven days before her performance, it brought heavy consequences to the rest of the musical crew, as they had to find a substitute in a short period of time. Other casts for the musical include ZE:A‘s Dongjung.o.d’s Son Hoyoung, B1A4’s Sandeul, Block B’s U-Kwon, and Kahi.