Melody Day explains the meaning behind “#LoveMe” through 1theK’s #hashtag

For their comeback, the four member group Melody Day appeared on 1theK‘s #hashtag where they revealed the meaning behind their latest track, and more.

Released on June 10th, Melody Day started the segment with #LoveMe where member Chaehee revealed that their comeback track “#LoveMe” is about the excitement of crushing on someone. The group then continued the segment as they used #180degrees, #girl_crush, and #MeloD_Day  as their remaining hashtags.

Melody Day made their comeback on June 9th as they released the music video for “#LoveMe.” Prior to releasing the music video for “#LoveMe,” the girl group released the music video for “Anxious” which featured Mad Clown in December 2014.

Meanwhile, member Yoo Min was recently revealed to be the niece of actor Jang Dong Gun.

Check out Melody Day’s entire #hashtag segment from 1theK below!