Melody Day plays with a “Sparkler” in their 3rd video teaser for “#LoveMe”

Releasing their third teaser video titled “Sparkler,” Melody Day prepares for their comeback by playing with vibrant sparklers.

Previously, Melody Day teased their fans with two teaser videos for their upcoming single album #LoveMe. In their first video, the girls wore veils over their heads with the title of the video as “Veil.” Then, the next day, the group released an additional teaser video with the title “Baguette.”

For the third consecutive day, Melody Day continued to release a teaser, this time titled, “Sparkler.” The members played with bright sparklers while also wearing flashy and colorful outfits to match.

#LoveMe will be released on June 9th. Meanwhile, you can check out their most recent teaser video here: