Melody Day reveals behind-the-scenes for “Anxious” MV

On December 16th, rookie girl group Melody Day revealed behind the scenes footage of their latest music video, “Anxious” which featured Mad Clown.

The ladies have presented themselves in various ways since the release of the official music video such as delivering a touching live recording of the track as well as a “Profile Spot” video. Now, with the release of this making of film for the music video, viewers can again see the girls’ dedication and hard work.

After a brief greeting and introduction by the entire group, the members describe the music video and the roles they play. In tune with the lyrics, the four individual plot lines describe girls who are “Anxious” due to ominous feelings of an impending break up.

Yoomin talks about her envy of Yeoeun who gets to act with a good looking male model and drive a cool car. Chahee‘s touching story involves a series of photographs and being unable to forget her ex-boyfriend. In Yein‘s segment, she replaces dying plants and expired milk to symbolize her fresh, new start.

Check out the behind the scenes footage here: