[★VIDEO] Melody Day takes you behind-the-scenes of their comeback stage

As Melody Day held their comeback on June 9th, 1theK released a behind-the-scenes video, revealing the four-member group preparing for their comeback stage. 

Released on June 19th, the members of Melody Day took fans behind-the-scenes as they held their first comeback performance with the track “#LoveYou.” The members shared their emotions as they were both excited and nervous for their first performance since it has been approximately a year and a half since they last performed.

Melody Day also revealed the main focus of their makeup, hair, outfit, as well as their nails. In addition, the four-member group was seen signing albums prior to their performance and later sharing their excitement after completing their comeback stage.

Meanwhile, Melody Day released the music video for “#LoveMe” on June 9th where the upbeat and retro track allowed the members to showcase their talents in vocals as well as dancing.