Melody Day’s Yeo Eun sings “Love” for “Flower of the Queen”

On May 13th, Melody Day’s Yeo Eun released the full music video for her track “Love” off of the soundtrack of MBC’s drama Flower of the Queen.

Yeo Eun’s light and sweet vocals are paired with a calming and romantic ballad with a moving piano background. As the music video flashes through comedic scenes of the currently airing drama, viewers get a sneak peek of the blooming relationships among the characters.

However, the kimbap picnics, night market dates, and seaside road trips soon seem to fade into painful memories as the two leads Lee Sung Kyung and Yoon Park are overwhelmed with sadness and frustration. Yet, the scenes show that any problems can be defeated as the music video ends with a romantic chase and kiss.

Take a listen to “Love” below: