Melon releases exclusive clip from SONAMOO’s “Deja Vu” showcase

On December 31st, 1theK released the Melon premiere showcase for TS Entertainment‘s hot new rookie girl group, SONAMOO.

On December 29th, the talented ladies of SONAMOO held their first showcase in Seoul, South Korea for their debut single, Deja Vu. 

During the clip, the girls then go on to introduce themselves and their roles within the group. Euijin is first introducing herself as the smile and revealed that is she is in charge of dance and vocals, followed by Sumin, the leader of the group.

Minjae also introduced herself as the the main vocal of the group, further describing herself as the sweet vocalist, while High.D familiarised herself as the member who can reach the high notes. New Sun, the maknae of the group, is in charge of high rap within the group, while D.ana describes herself as the twist rapper. Lastly, Nahyun introduces herself as the “black hole with a charm.”

During the Q&A, Sumin further explains where their name came from, revealing that it is the meaning of being, “Green and never changing. So the company wants us to do music like that for a long time.

With regards to their debut song “Deja Vu,” High.D says that it’s about the feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time but you feel like you’ve met before. They also wanted to give the song a magical feel in order to make it attractive and addictive. As for their song “Everlasting Love” Minjae says it’s a song about generous love but it has a complete different feel from “Deja Vu” as it displays a hip hop rhythm and a blues style.

Throughout the showcase the girls pick fun and intimate questions from a board and answer them. This includes questions like “Who showers the least” and “What is the members’ appearance ranking according to Euijin?

You can catch a glimpse of SONAMOO’s showcase below: