MFBTY continues to tease with “Bang Diggy Bang Bang” MV teaser

MFBTY keeps the teasing rolling as they unveil the latest video teaser for one of their tracks “Bang Diggy Bang Bang.” 

The video which was uploaded through their official Youtube channel and SNS portals on March 17th further highlights the group’s colourful take on their latest track. MFBTY starts the teasing with them singing to the lyrics of “Bang Diggy Bang Bang,” which was followed by a burst of colours and a dance, upbeat break.

Fans were also able to catch the preview of what seems to be the sound of the track “Bang Diggy Bang Bang,” which is different compared to their lyrical hiphop track “BuckuBucku” released yesterday.

Meanwhile, MFBTY will be releasing their latest album WondaLand on March 19th.