MI.O dresses as Santa in 2 more Christmas covers

Leading up to Christmas Day, vocal group MI.O shared two more holiday covers with fans. They selected “This Christmas” and “The Christmas Song.”

In MI.O’s rendition of “This Christmas,” the group chose to go a more playful route, dancing and jamming out to the song in a dance practice room. Additionally, just as in MI.O’s previous Christmas cover, the members all wear Santa beards and hats. It seems no matter the season, the boys will have a way to conceal their identities. The MI.O member showcased his smooth R&B vocals with the short cover before dancing away into the background.

On the other hand, the cover of “The Christmas Song” opened with a calmer, more solemn feel. This MI.O member – also dressed as Santa Claus – accompanied himself on the keyboard as he sung along to the cheerful song.

Both videos end with captions from the group to fans, wishing all a great holiday season.

Check out the vocal group’s two new videos here: