[★VIDEO] Min prepares surprise birthday party for Irene after shopping spree

K-Style’s newest episode included a shopping spree mission for the girls, as well as a surprise birthday party for Irene planned by Min.

For this episode, when Min and Irene meet they learn that their mission of the day is to complete six different looks within a $1,000 budget and the person with the best style at the end gets to keep the outfits they assembled. As they begin shopping in Style Nanda, Irene fills up her hands with clothes as Min has a harder time trying to find what she likes.

In the end, both girl’s received equal votes from the crew, making it a tie between them. However the show does not stop there! After the mission is complete, Min gears up to prepare Irene’s surprise birthday party.

Min prepared by buying flowers, champagne and even made a cake from scratch. Irene is shocked at the surprise and shed tears because she was so touched by Min and her friends.

Check out Mirene’s shopping spree and surprise birthday party below!