Mintgray releases video for upcoming concert, “LOVELAKE & MODERNBOY HAPPENING”

Korean indie rock band Mintgray has released an informational video regarding their upcoming concert, LOVELAKE AND MODERNBOY HAPPENING.

The video is a very simple, yet serene and surprisingly enjoyable piece. The items within the video are very bare and minimalistic, almost to the point where it could be mistaken for a lyrics video for their song “Delusion”, as the video consists of a background photo of a long shot of a city during sunrise, with the lyrics of the song appearing in white. However, it is the simplicity that holds the most potential to grab the watcher’s attention without letting go.

Following the lyrics are the actual details for the concert, including venue, date, and ticket reservations. The concert is to be held at the KT&G Sangsangmadang Chuncheon Sound Hall on November 1st. All ticketing will be done via Interpark.

Mintgray is an indie band whose genre is described as “modern rock”. The members consist of Song Ji Hoon, Lee Hwa Young, Choi Bit Nam and Jung Jae Hoon. They are well-known in the Hongdae music scene, with “”Delusion” being one of their biggest hits.

Check out the clip below!