miss A releases individual member dance videos for “Only You”

After releasing a group dance version video for their newest hit “Only You“, miss A released four individual member dance videos for the track for fans to enjoy.

During the group dance video, fans might have noticed that the members of miss A would stare off into different sides of the room rather than looking directly into the stationary camera filming their choreography.

At first glance, it seemed as if the girls were distracted while filming the dance, but it turns out that the room was filled with several different cameras, giving fans a different angle of the dance for each of the members. Unlike the group dance video, the cameras also move around, giving fans a close view of each member.

Similar to the popular “Eye Contact Version” videos for dance practices, the individual member dance videos for miss A’s “Only You” will help fans learn the choreography for the song while enjoying eye contact from their favorite members!

Make sure to watch the individual dance videos for miss A’s “Only You” below!