miss A takes you on the set of “Only You” in episode 5 of “Real miss A”

After releasing the music video for “Only You,” miss A took fans on the set of their music video shoot in the 5th episode of Real miss A, which was released on April 4th.

Jia was the first to appear in the episode as she showed fans the balcony of miss A’s dormitory where they had a dancing scene. She continued as she brought fans inside of the dormitory and walked along the set which appeared to be a street. Suzy was the next to make an appearance as she was seen preparing for the music video as she was inside of the dormitory set.

Fei and Min were shortly seen after where they revealed their outfits for the music video. The two carried on with a brief appearance together while the rest of the episode revealed miss A shooting the music video as well a practicing their choreography.

Meanwhile, with catchy and energetic beats, the music video for “Only You” was released on March 30th.