miss A’s Min and Irene Kim unveil “The Mirene Song” for “K-Style”

In the latest K-Style episode on January 23rd, singer miss A’s Min and model Irene Kim record a song together.

Min invited Irene to the JYP Enterainement building without telling her that they were going to record a song together. When Irene finds out she instantly gets nervous but goes along with it. Hit producer NODAY helped make the melody for the song while Min and Irene created the lyrics together.

After that, it was recording time. Min revealed how it took 5 hours to record one line for “Bad Girl, Good Girl” under JYP, showing Irene how daunting and tiring the recording process is. Irene experiences this first hand as she records the same line over and over again in order to perfect it.

In the end, the girls had a lot of fun recording their song and came out with a nice finished product.

Check out the episode below!