miss A unveils the making of film for “Only You” MV

The miss A members have invested long hours to perfect the choreography and show their best performance in the “Only You” music video.

The members of miss A shares their thoughts as they are filming individual scenes of the music video in the making of film of their shoot.

Jia shares before her shoot, “I came here alone. Yahoo woohoo lalala. I shouldn’t be so energetic in the morning. Gotta save my energy,” and “It’s been around a year and a half since we were here. I’m feeling really nervous and I’m actually scared too. I feel like it’ll be really draining. Fighting!

Contrasting from Jia, Min says, “I personally feel good. I really like this song. Comparing to our previous work, it’s more wishful and the set is really bright, not at all dark and black. I think it’s good.”

Suzy shares as she’s prepping for her hair dryer scene, “I didn’t sleep at all last night. I didn’t even sleep for five minutes,” and chuckles, “It’s not because I was busy, I just couldn’t fall asleep.” “My part? It’s hard every time I try. Shooo. This is all I remember. Should I try to make it pretty? Shoo~ Haha.

Fei shares the story behind the music video and says, “Today, we prepared scenes of getting ready in the morning. So we’re waking up, doing our makeup, doing our hair, getting dressed,” and “We’re getting ready to look perfect to meet you.

“Only You” was released on March 30 and has received a perfect all-kill across music charts and broke 2 million views in 31 hours of its release.

Watch the video and follow miss A behind the scenes here: