MIWOO makes her debut under Leessang Company with “Broken Doll” MV

Rookie artist MIWOO made her debut earlier this week with the release of her first mini-album and music video for “Broken Doll.”

Singer-songwriter MIWOO is the first artist to debut under Leessang Company, formed by top hip-hop duo Leessang. She made her official debut in the Korean music industry on September 4th, with the release of “Broken Doll,” a track which she composed herself.

“Broken Doll” is an upbeat R&B track through which she showcases her immense vocal talent and unique tone. In the music video for the track, MIWOO can be seen with short red hair and freckles before she transforms into her jacket image concept with short blonde hair. Check out the music video for “Broken Doll” below!

Source: 1theK and Bugs
Image Source: Bugs