Mnet M! Countdown staff surprises SISTAR with this week’s #1 for “Shake It”

Celebrating the end of the first half of 2015, Mnet M! Countdown did not air a live show on July 2nd, instead broadcasting a highlight episode in its place.

However, the staff of the show still visited SISTAR, surprising them with their first award on the show for “Shake It.” Approaching SISTAR under the guise of filming a greeting and ment for the show, the group members began to read from the cue cards provided for them.

As Soyou exclaimed, “And the winner is…” the staff revealed that SISTAR was this week’s winners, surprising the members as they laughed in shock.

“Shake It” was released on June 22nd and has since then achieved several all-kills since then, proving to be the “it” summer track.

Source: OSEN