Molly.D releases acoustic version of “girlfriEND”

Molly.D has released the acoustic rendition of his song “girlfriEND,” featuring Lee Hoonju and Jung Hyeongi.

On November 7th, rapper Molly.D unveiled an acoustic arrangement of “girlfriEND” with Lee Hoonju, and Jung Hyeongi for Neuron Music‘s fourth acoustic project. The original song was released back in July of this year, featuring vocals from Han Sohyeon.

The acoustic version of this song contains calming musical elements but still manages to showcase Molly.D’s impressive rapping. Although they are in a simple setting for this black and white video release, all three of them proved to be a great combination with the accompaniment of the piano and the soothing vocals of Lee Hoonju and Jung Hyeongi. With the blending of their great voices, they meshed well with Molly.D’s rap and produced a great rendition of his song.

Check out both versions of Molly.D’s “girlfriEND” below!