MONSTA X commemorates 1 million views of “Trespass” with a special MV for “Honestly”

Starship Entertainment has rewarded fans for watching rookie group MONSTA X‘s “Trespass” music video over 1 million times by releasing a special clip for “Honestly.”

Making their highly anticipated debut on May 14th, MONSTA X revealed a catchy music video titled, “Tresspass.” As Starship Entertainment’s first hip-hop group, MONSTA X gained a large amount of love upon their debut.

In addition to the original version of the music video, MONSTA X also released a prison break version on May 21st. The excitement for the new rookie group did not end there. After obtaining 1 million views for “Tresspass,” Starship Entertainment dropped a special clip of the group singing along to their track, “Honestly.”

MONSTA X also records their own variety series titled “DeokspatchX,” which allows fans to get to know more about them. In the past, they completed embarrassing challenges and filmed their own version of the hit SBS show, Running Man.

Check out the special video for “Honestly” below!