MONSTA X’s Wonho Took His Shirt Off Again At KCON Japan And It Was Glorious

MONBEBEs are truly blessed

MONSTA X’s Wonho is not shy about showing off his gains to fans.

He is incredibly determined and diligent in his workout routines and his body has garnered much praise and appreciation from other boy group idols!

MONSTA X performed at KCON 2019 Japan where the members stunned the audience with not only their fashionable styling but also with their talented performances.

In particular, both Wonho and I.M wore the same Versace shirt.

While I.M wore his shirt with a sleek and chic style, Wonho let his shirt define his body proportions and muscular torso.

It was clear that Wonho, along with MONSTA X had a lot of fun with matching the energy of the crowd.

And Wonho, took it even further when he started unbuttoning his shirt.

And I.M was there as Wonho bared his body for the whole audience to see.

But unlike KCON Thailand 2018 where he threw his white shirt at the crowd, he left the Versace shirt with I.M.

What was hilarious was that Hyungwon was nearby as well and saw the whole thing!

When Wonho took his shirt off, Hyungwon clenched his hands to mimic binoculars so it looked like he was checking Wonho out.

Aside from this, it is important to remember that Wonho is a person of so many talents and achievements.

During KCON Japan, fans went wild for his and MONSTA X’s spectacular performance of “Alligator” where the members all pulled off their hard-hitting choreography perfectly.

His emotive vocal tone, his gentle and charming nature and his great sense of humour make him a perfect member for MONSTA X.

And MONBEBEs know that Wonho and MONSTA X loves their fans dearly.