Mood Schula releases “My Fxxxxx” MV

Mood Schula returns to fans with his latest track “My Fxxxxx” on November 18th, unveiling his music video simultaneously.

Although the title gives off a certain hard core vibe, the video itself is rather soft and graceful.

This free form jazz of the song is very soothing to listen to, but fans may want to keep their eyes open and watch the video as well. His hybrid of interpretive dance and hip hop moves is sure to leave dance crazed fans amazed. To others, it just may seem to be an odd assortment of fluid movements to a calm jazz beat.

The eerie yet smooth music is the combination of two worlds. Angelic assorted piano chords and smooth hip hop beats come together in a harmonious way.

Later in the video, there is a “break down” and the music slows like a robot malfunctioning or someone messing with a record player.

Mood Schula teamed up with Simo in 2011 for the self titled album Simo & Mood Schula and snagged the win for Best Hip Hop Album at the Korean Music Awards of 2011.

Fans had the chance to see the duo perform live as a part of the J.ROCC Asia Tour a couple years ago as well.

Check out Mood Schula’s newest video below!