Movie teaser for Lee Seung Gi’s upcoming film “Today’s Love” released

The teaser for the upcoming movie Today’s Love, featuring all around entertainer Lee Seung Gi and actress Moon Chae Won, has been released.

Today’s Love is a romantic comedy about a kind elementary school teacher named Joon Soo (Lee Seung Gi), who falls in love with an aggressive and outspoken TV weather forecaster named Hyun Woo (Moon Chae Won). It is a story about young love, and the confusing and fickle nature of love that is much like the weather.

The teaser shows Lee Seung Gi carrying a drunk Moon Chae Won, who constantly swears at and torments him. From the few clips of the two characters, we can understand that Hyun Woo is a tough, tomboyish girl who doesn’t yet understand the meaning of love. Joon Soo, on the other hand, is the type of man who is used to giving up everything for his girlfriend, and is frustrated that despite his efforts, none of his past relationships have worked out.

Many are anticipating the movie for its witty dialogue and obvious clash between the two characters’ personalities. Especially for younger audiences, this story may easily relate to the kinds of challenges we face in our dating lives today.

Today’s Love recently finished filming on November 9th, and is scheduled to release in January 2015. In addition to Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won as its main characters, it will also include appearances by After School‘s Lizzy and Brown Eyed Girls‘s Ga In.

Watch the teaser for the upcoming movie below!